Friday, April 18, 2014

TOUR News & Updates!

Mataji Booker and Luca Romano on Tour
The Wild Horse Winery, Templeton CA
Aug 2, 2014 Hosted By Steve Key

Watch Checkmate LIVE at Kulaks' Woodshed
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Waiting in Humble Anticipation!


June 27  Battery Books, South Pasadena CA
July 9  HopVine Pub open mic, Seattle WA
July 10  Black Dog Cafe, Snoqualmie WA
July 27  Backyard Coffee Co., Redwood City CA
July 28 Hotel Utah open mic, San Francisco CA
July 29 Element Skateboards Camp, Montecino CA
July 30 Left Coast Wine Bar, Glendale CA
July 31 The Shell Cafe, Pismo Beach CA
Aug 2 Wild Horse Winery, Templeton CA
Aug 3 Private House Concert, Pasadena CA
Aug 4 Kulaks' Woodshed, Valley Village CA
Aug 6 Firefly Bistro, South Pasadena CA
Aug 7 Braj Gallery, Los Angeles CA