Saturday, October 19, 2013

Latitudes Release Concert, Lineage Performing Arts Center

Aug 30th, 2013, Old Town Pasadena: Joined by a host of friends from the local community of Pasadena and neighboring South Pas - Ben Kishaba (guitar), Jose Gurria Cardenas (percussion), Shirgeru Logan (viola) and Chris Rolontz (upright bass) helped me bring Latitudes to life in the flesh! "Love Aquarius" is one of six tunes on my newly released EP, available now on itunes,  Amazon and CD Baby.

Video Footage: Marlon Lawe
Video Edit: Mataji Booker

Monday, October 14, 2013

Night Shooting w/ Photographer Stefano Gali

Night Shoot. Old School. Film, not digital. Longer than usual held poses. Biting cold. Energized and thrilled to be creating something spontaneous - art for arts sake. Took me back to my old days of modeling before digital was born. Things took time. Light needed to be measured and we had to actually wait (think of that) to see if any thing even came of it. Night shoot. Old School. Holding, waiting. Thrilling, spontaneous. Film...

Where the Sunset and  Hollywood Blvd's intersect...

As you can see, recent LA implant Stefano Gali is a stellar artist. Italian born and bred and with a background in Film, his images remind me of cinematic stills, which naturally, I love. His images are real, sensuous and full of intrigue. We met while both working in South Pas at the edge of Summer.  It was a pleasure to create and collaborate with him around Los Angeles between the hours of 10pm and just passed midnight as we moved from Summer into Fall.

Vista Theater, Los Feliz. 

I've been coming here since I was a kid. I can't tell you how many double features I saw here with my big 6 person family. Well, I usually fell asleep before the second film to be honest. Warm memories. 

Cinematic theater (I do not smoke)

In the photographers vintage Mercedes, Mel's Drive In, Hollywood

At the all night Denny's across the street from Union Station Downtown. 
Some of the most beautiful shots from the movie "Drive" were filmed here.

And that's a wrap...

Check out phenomenal non digitized photography here at:

UK Arts & Music Blog "Leicester Bangs" reviews Latitudes

Here's what Phil S. of the UK's Arts and Music blog, "Leicster Bangs" has to say about "Latitudes"!

Mataji Booker – Latitudes (Independent)
A singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and model – there are so many artistic facets to Mataji Booker that the fear must be that she spreads herself too thinly. On “Latitudes” those fears are dispelled in some considerable style. She describes her musical direction as “alt-rock/folk/jazz”, which ignores both the pop element that makes the six tracks on her debut EP so instantly appealing, and her soulful delivery, which refers back to the R&B stars of the ‘70s rather than her contemporaries. It’s a stunning mix of classic styles, with more than enough hooks for radio (and television – where she’s already making inroads).  

A regular attraction at various venues in her native Los Angeles, including The Whisky, The Rainbow Room and The Knitting Factory, she’s also toured Mexico and Japan, and played gigs in Southern Europe. She brings that experience to her recordings, and the often complex songs sound road-tested and fully formed, and as a result, they’re performed with confidence. Opening cut, the title track, finds Booker in a reflective mood, the intricacies of the song and arrangement both taking their time to fully unwind. The jazzy playfulness of “Checkmate” is a musical mating dance, with gypsy violin calling the tune, and “Love Aquarius” and “Molded” are older songs, resurrected for the “Latitudes” project, but they sound very much at home, and their themes fit neatly within the EP’s conceptual premise.