Thursday, June 6, 2013

Healing and Inspired living in the city of trees

As the Latitudes EP project nears completion, I contemplate a ride into the future with Love & Music as my guide at home in South Pasadena, CA, where one year ago Latitudes was conceived and came to life! I wrote 'Checkmate' after running into an old flame. The song is a light hearted homage to the mating dance we play when we have our guards up and are afraid to give ourselves fully. And as the summer and our story unfolded, the guy took off,  but 'Latitudes' (Sparrow & the Bluejay), 'Be with Me' and 'Words to Hold' came to visit and stayed... in that order.   These four songs are essentially  the journey I took last summer uncovering layers and layers of deep pain I didn't even realize was there - the catalyst of course being a short lived (Latitudes) and abruptly ending love affair without explanation (Words to Hold), which challenged me to go into places, sad and dark places in my heart (Be With Me), finally ready to be accessed for healing and a richer understanding of the one true love to seek out,  the love and acceptance of myself.  After much thought, two oldies but goodies -  'Molded' and 'Love Aquarius',  were added to the mix completing the 6 song EP. They fit right in. 'Molded',  is one of the first songs I wrote nearly 15 years ago, so it was  meaningful to finally record it for real. Full circle.

 Today Latitudes, formerly titled "Vertical Love" -  is finished and ready to share. Well, sort of ready. We're in the final stages of editing images for the album cover, shot by friend and awesome photographer Eleonora Ghioldi. So now after one beautiful - crazy - painful - joy-filled year from setting my intention, I'll have a CD in my hands soon.  A release is on the horizon. This is living.

Photos by Eleonora Ghioldi