Monday, May 6, 2013

Postcards from Monster Studios: Recording Latitudes in Nashville

View from the main console: Monster Studios  is 
owned and ran by Producer/Musician Brian Irwin.

She is a string Goddess : Andrea Young brought magic on the final  day of recording. 

 Happy Feet...

 Recording in a room with a view: Nashville Green. 


Mr. Irwin


It's like boarding a train in the dark, carrying one small piece of luggage - Destination
Unknown. When I first arrived here I had 6 songs, some chords on a guitar and an incredibly gifted Producer/Musician - Brian Irwin - our train's conductor if you will.

Our train moves so fast, but at just the right speed. This is going to get corny, full steam ahead... At just the right speed, we weave through rocky canyons, swiftly pass pristine lakes and endless valleys of tall Tennessee trees dressed in leaves the color of heaven - our train spars with blinding sunlight followed by warm drops of cold rain.

We manage to pick up a few passengers along the way. A little Percussion, some bangin' Drums & two Guitars. A beauty filled Bass and a rather victorious Viola color our path with new songs and laughter. There were of course moments when I couldn't see the sky. Our conductor swiftly twists yet smoothly maneuvers our train across the tracks - makes us believe we can fly as we rise above more valleys, over deep gorges and dance pass undiscovered bodies of water at record speeds... We rise above the tracks as if floating through time - suspended inside newly birthed patches of  blue, we see the stars as if for the first time.

Five days later we arrive - warm, dry, safe, liberated. The journey was the destination, and the destination turned out to be : continued...