Friday, May 31, 2013

15th Annual Inspiration Awards marks my 5th year at Step Up!

 With friend & former student (LA Leadership Academy 2008-2009) and 
current incoming LMU Junior, Yessenia Hernandez. 

The Inspiration Awards always marks the end of the school year and my time at Step Up. Here I am playing on the "green" carpet (above) with Brittany Ballard of Little Plow Films. Soul sista' and inspiring kindred spirit, we started out the same year at Step Up in 2008. She taught the film workshop and I the Spoken Word Poetry.  What a journey! I've been Blessed to get to work with countless amazing young women in the classroom as well as connect with and be exposed to successful, empowering women set on changing things for females of all ages, creeds and backgrounds everywhere. If things don't get too hectic now that the album is done, I most def am going to try for a 6th year with the girls, but for now, I simply sit in Gratitude for the last five and all that they've given me as instructor and friend to so many beautiful young women.

Special thanks to long time friend, mentor and the woman responsible for bringing me on board:

 Step Up LA's Managing Director Jamie Kogan.