Friday, April 26, 2013

LAtitudes EP, Raw & Unplugged

As I rehearse at home here in LA, preparing to record my first professional EP - LAtitudes, (previously titled Vertical Love),  I decided to youtube a sample/teaser of the 6 songs that made it on to the album. 

LAtitudes is comprised of four brand new tunes: "Latitudes (Sparrow & the Blue Jay), "Checkmate", "Be with Me", "Words to Hold" - and two oldies but goodies: "Molded" and "Love Aquarius". It struck me that once I get into the studio a week from now,  these songs will be delightfully garnished with lovely instruments and layers of vocal arrangements which is nothing short of awesome.  

However, I wanted to record each song in its raw and untouched state one last time before they get produce-afied, where ideally, the original tones and over all vibe of each won't be changed too much. Whatever the sound may be, I am Blessed to finally be doing it and grateful to have such a wonderful team assembling in Nashville with Producer/Musician Brian Irwin (Just Off Turner) at the helm. A special thanks to my Business Manager and long time friend George Molina (ICM Partners/The Uplifters),  for making it all happen. This is my bon voyage Post! Here's to following the path's lead by our soul's heart!