Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ushering in 2013

It's a new year and I'm walking in the light of Gratitude for all that 2012 has brought into being. The resources and endless players who've arrived to help bring my dream of recording an album of music is coming to life. So much change -  moving from busy urban jungle Korea Town to quiet tree lined street South saying goodbye to an amazing job working with teenage girls at Step Up in June, only to return to it (for the third time) in January.  A wealth of rich and textured experiences with my beloved friends and family (nu and not so nu) - including witnessing the birth of my niece Emmie. Surviving being hit by a car this time last year whilst on my bike rushing for the train. Slowing down. So much love and support from folks I know, folks I've never even met (re: youtube, kickstarter). Spooky journeys into the unknown, journeys into love and heart ache like never before pain and back again. Death. Going inward. Lessons. Growth. Acceptance. 

                                              Designe, Simon, Eric Bolarie Photography, Make Up Angela Johnson

2012 brought me a new guitar which heralded New Songs for my New album out this beautiful new year, 2013 - Vertical Love the EP is on the horizon and in the works. It is literally 15 years in the making.  New Mentors, new alliances, new ideas and re-newed vision. New prospects, deeper connections and a beautiful black rescue Kitty, Osho who keeps me sane and teaches me true love everyday. A new road bike, the red Dragon. Watch out. A newly deactivated break from social networking ie: Facebook & Twitter.  Falling in love again with the simple things in life, the basics, finally learning to folk-us (focus). Embracing the easy come easy go's, creating healthier boundaries and really eye-spying the red flags in life as a I daily strive to carry the white flag of surrender in all that surfaces. Letting go  to let all that truly matters in. More and more, having more to give of myself. It's a new year, and I'm walking in the light of Gratitude for all that has come to pass and is coming.