Monday, September 24, 2012

Vertical Love in South Pasadena, CA

What a fun evening sharing tunes new and old with friends new and old at Buster's Cafe in lovely South Pasadena where I also reside. This town truly appreciates and supports Live Music! BigThanks to the Busters Familia, crew and to everyone who came down.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ELEMENT EDEN on the Latitudes/Vertical Love Kickstarter tip!

Love for Vertical Love Project from the Element Eden Family!

Special thanks to Peter Woods of the Last Bookstorefor helping
to launch this Kickstarter Campaign with a quiet lovely bang...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vertical Love aka Latitudes EP on Kickstarter

Welcome to me my Kickstarter Video...


Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's happening, I'm youtube-ing. Enjoy!


"Gypsy" (Shine Like A Fire), recorded at home in South Pasadena

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Decade of images: "Outtakes" opening at the new Braj Gallery

Pre-Installation of main wall. It took about two
hours to sift through the entire collection.

The first Polaroid up: An early Self Portrait taken
on the 7 Train Platform in Queens, NYC circa 1999

Gallery owner Caren Braj standing next
to the first Polaroid placed on the wall.

Though I've been honored to create my brand of Polaroid Installations here in LA, Barcelona, Rome and Paris, at the end of 2011 I was thrilled and proud to present my first solo Art Show at a dear friend's new Gallery Space on Temple Blvd. in Echo Park - A neighborhood close to my heart since I not only lived there for 2 years between 1998-2000, but it also is the place where I was living when I first got inspired to start exclusively shooting with Polaroids for what would be the next ten years. Looking back it seemed an appropriate "coming full circle" moment for me and my cherished Polaroid images taken on all of my travels to end up there first.

It was especially meanigful for me to show video work for the first time. Below is a blurb created for the gallery.

View from the front door. 14 Film shorts were projected on the wall above right.

View from the back of gallery. More images were placed
in a line on the opposite wall of the main installation.

Music Producer, Artist Alejo and friend.

Performing/Visual Artist, Educator Kraig Blue

Family: My brother Hassan Booker, his wife Bet and
my nieces Sabrina, 4 and Aaliyah, 5.

Artist Leland Bankowski and Caren Braj looking good enough to eat.

Colombiana Poet reciting a 10 min piece en espanol.
I've got to get her name from the friend whom invited her!

Taking footage of her partner reciting his politically charged poems.
He did two moving pieces.The two poets and activist's invited are a couple.
It was a Divine experience and the perfect Blessing for the new space.

His name, also still needs to be retrieved.

This is my dear friend and one of biggest supporters Caren Braj; also a painter and film maker and yes, a newly Grammy Nominated Producer (for her Production work on a video for TV on The Radio) was the beautiful platform that made this magical evening possible. We've dreamed of this night and space for many years and we were like two 5 years old's having a blast in the sandbox the 24 hours it took to prepare for the big night which, by the way was a spontaneous decision made just two days before the actual event. In other words on Wed. night we decided to do an opening in her new gallery, Saturday. Looking forward to the closing. Thank You Caren.