Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nadie Senti Project

Upon returning to Los Angeles at the end of 2007, I met self taught Flamenco/Blues guitarist and kindred spirit Remmy Morris on myspaceWe really respected each other's music and felt like we could join forces and create something beautiful.We became fast friends, writing and recording
two songs together within a week.

Soon after we wound up as neighbors in the same 8o year old building in Old Pasadena. Using imovie, I directed and edited music videos for both tunes which we co-shot the 1924 building we lived in and down the street. "No One Without You" was written as an homage to lovers lives severed by the atrocities of war.

"Raised by Wolves" is a call to unity and recognizing the oneness in all things, and was shot in a special spot I found on a walk one afternoon in the Arroyo underneath the Pasadena Bridge near where we both lived.