Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Screen Test

Cecy Guerrero, now an AFI graduate and 2009 student Emmy nominee for
cinematography , shot this short, which was actually a lighting assignment
starring myself and Rich Panta, while still a film student at LACC.


This video was made by my friend Enrique Alvarez whom I met while singing in the subway in NYC in 2004. When he moved to Monterrey, Mexico a year later, he invited me to perform at an Art festival that he was producing. Once there he introduced me to two musicians who would later become the Natural Jazz Collective. This footage is from one of many jam sessions at the drummers studio. The song though, is an older acoustic recording I'd made in a home studio.
Bossa Blues Sweet

Originally a film class assignment shot by Cecy Guerrero in the LA River, 2006,
the footage was then set to Bossa Blues Sweet by myself and Eddy Vajarakitipongse.
Photography, Eric Coleman (Firecracker, Mochilla)

Although this is not the original music to the film shot back at the
Grand Star in China Town one afternoon in 2001, it has been skillfully re-crafted for different purposes over the years. The original shoot was put together for Ina Celaya's fall collection and was accompanied by a series of images captured as I danced back and fourth on the then parkay dance floor. Eventually one of the images (above) was used on the album cover of DJ Rels (Madlib) Theme for A Broken Soul remixes off Stones Throw Records. This film was shot by B Plus (Mochilla) & was originally set to Jazz.

Gap Khaki Soul, Director Hype Williams