Saturday, April 4, 2009

11:11 (Eleven Eleven) Backwards Movie 2005

11:11 (Eleven Eleven)

Mataji Booker & Doug Bennett
Director/Writer: Esther Peres
Running Time 20 min.
Anna and Otto, the narcissistic lovers in 11:11, glide around a gravity free universe erasing their collective past with every step they take. Anna's pregnancy is a turning point in their relationship. When Otto exploits Anna's experience and turns it into parody, Anna takes her revenge.

The movie's soundtrack makes backward English sound like a foreign language. 11:11 is a uniquely cinematic experience, a visual metaphor for the human capacity for forgetting and an innovative right brain treat for the film viewer.
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  • Best Cinematography
    2006 Boston International Film Festival (Boston, USA)