Thursday, December 10, 2009

DJ MATAJI: Global Beats Soulful Treats

[GIVE: A Creative Collaboration
Element Skateboards + TOM's Shoes

[Crate Diggin + Proud to be Vinyl only DJ]


[Art Opening for Gino Perez: Downtown LA]


[Poobah Records in Pasadena]

[photo by Coleman for + Element Skateboards]


[Hangar Gallery: Bike Kitchen Benefit]


West Hollywood Standard Hotel Residency




guest spots over the years...




Nadie Senti Project

Upon returning to Los Angeles at the end of 2007, I met self taught Flamenco/Blues guitarist and kindred spirit Remmy Morris on myspaceWe really respected each other's music and felt like we could join forces and create something beautiful.We became fast friends, writing and recording
two songs together within a week.

Soon after we wound up as neighbors in the same 8o year old building in Old Pasadena. Using imovie, I directed and edited music videos for both tunes which we co-shot the 1924 building we lived in and down the street. "No One Without You" was written as an homage to lovers lives severed by the atrocities of war.

"Raised by Wolves" is a call to unity and recognizing the oneness in all things, and was shot in a special spot I found on a walk one afternoon in the Arroyo underneath the Pasadena Bridge near where we both lived.

Monday, November 9, 2009

ANKH Jewelry By Racquel Honore

Photography: Jacopo Manfren

Modeling ANKH jewelry for friend Racquel Honore.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Commercial Headshots

Photography: Jerome Duchange

Live on Long Beach's Rocket Boat, May 2008

'08-'68 Experimental Dance Performance with the Museum/of/Traffic at Lula Washington Dance Theater

Hype Underground Radio Show - LA, 2008

Element Learn Live Grow Show - Hangar Gallery, Downtown LA

Element-Vestalife Event w/ Ray Barbee: Las Vegas

"As an added bonus to the Vestalife Launch Event there was a musical performance
by Mataji Booker and Ray Barbee. Playing wonderfully together for what we were told
was the first time, here is an exclusive video"

Element Skateboards Owner, Johnny Schillereff, Mataji Booker & Ray Barbee

Rome, Italy 2006/2007

Album Art designed by Mauro Scia Scia

Luca Romano, Beba Do Samba and San Lorenzo:

Although I gigged on March 17, 2007 at El Sur in San Lorenzo along side
Luca Romano, my 2nd guitar, (we played a quiet simple set together,
opening up for his rock band Just What We Need. ) This show at

Beba do Samba
was my first solo show in Rome. 05/09/07
Beba Do Samba in San Lorenzo, Rome

Guitarist, Luca Romano (left)

His band Just What We Need

A Summer night in San Lorenzo

I met my guitarist and close friend Luca Romano within the first week of arriving in Rome in December of 2006. I accompanied my sister's boyfriend Luigi to a Tattoo shop in an area called San Lorenzo. The vibe there is like a Mideval version of Williamsburg or Silver Lake, but minus the Hipsters. I found Luca practicing guitar two doors down from the Tattoo shop in what was his parents Paper and Office Supply shop. He grew up in the neighborhood and lived upstairs with his family. We became fast friends and within a short time we were writing songs and rehearsing regularly in the shop which wasn't used as a shop anymore, so we could play all day as loud as we wanted (not that we were so loud), and as late into the night as we liked. There was a constant audience of passer byers on the street outside the windows for inspiration and friends were always stopping in, it was incredible. This was my first time truly collaberating over any length of time with a good, solid musician who understood my music - a priceless experience. Luca inspired me to write outside my usual songwriting box, to write with a more abstract magical realist approach - also refreshing was finally being able to put my guitar down and let someone else play so I could just focus on singing. Truly liberating. 

A place called Pigneto [Peen-yeh-toh]:
Show Flyer for the 06/06/07 show at Fanfulla.
I've always made my own flyers. Even before computers.

A typical evening in Pigneto, Roma

Fanfulla in Pigneto was my favorite space to perform in as well as hang out.
It has a speak easy vibe that lends itself to artists of all types.

Spring photo shoot in Villa Ada park with friend Giuliano Berarducci:

Photographer & friend, Giuliano Berarducci

Studio Photo Shoot near Villa Borghese:

Photography by Giuliano Berarducci

Roberto Tolis, Parco di Veio and Lo Five Orchestra

In June of 2007 I was introduced to percussionist, DJ and electronic programmer Roberto Tolis through a friend for the purpose of possibly making music together.He was living in a magical corner of countryside just minutes outside of Rome called:

When I heard the tracks that he had stashed away and he heard my voice, we knew we found a great match and got to work. I spent alot of time there,including my 31st birthday and within a matter of a couple of weeks we had recorded 7 tunes & came up with Lo Five Orchestra as the name of our project.

Listen: "All I Want"
Graphic created by Mauro Scia Scia

Mataji Booker and Roberto Tolis, Lo Five Orchestra Rome, 08/07

Lo Five Orchestra performing at the end of the summer
run of Natural Born Chillers at Lago (Lake) Martignano.

Stella TV Show Live Performance 09/21/09:

I met Barbara, a woman affiliated with Maurizio Costanzo's Stella talk show, while performing in San Felice at Club La Stiva in early August. When she told me about the show in her broken english & that she'd be calling me soon, I didn't think much of it. So when she did call about a month later I was actually quite surprised. I phoned my percussionist friend Daniele Amato and we put together a short set for the live broadcast. We had to downsize all of my song's normal lengths for TV which was a first and only a little frustrating, but I got over it along with the fact that they dont pay thier guest's even though Maurizio Costanzo is apparently the Italian equivalence of David Lettermen and within the media he has the influence of the Godfather. Overall it was a really exciting and new experience and we were asked to come back on the show by the Godfather after taping had finished. So two weeks later we got together to rehearse the short but sweet set (each song had to be something like less than a minute) and we played one of my last gigs before leaving Europe on live television, again. Not bad for a girl from South LA.

Mataji Booker after her first live performance on
Maurico Costanza's Talk show, Stella. 09/04/07
The show was/is taped daily at the Teatro Parioli

Daniele Amato, percussionist.

Verardo & Ricci Productions.
Sabaudia, Italy

In the studio with Alex and Fabio in Sabaudia, Italy.

Fabio Verardo

Alex Ricci

Another great opportunity that came from my weekend gig in Circeo (San Felice) in August, was an invitation to record a song for Verardo&Ricci Productions Project, Truly Weirdos. I took the train about 30 min. south ofRome to Sabaudia, which runs along the sea. Listen to Sunrise here .

With Alex Ricci of Verardo&Ricci Productions. 09/07

Last Call...

Officine, Pigneto, my favorite neighborhood. Friday 09/14/07 This was a special Bon Voyage show for me before leaving Rome. In the end I was there in Italy a whopping 10 months (when I arrived in Dec.2006 I was planning on staying just one month when I went to visit my sister and her boyfriend before moving to Spain. It helped that they had a spare room.) At that point, Luca Romano and I had a pretty well prepared, nice size repetoire of original songs that we'd wrote together, as well as a few covers ( I opened with Leonard Cohens 'Hallelulah') and of course we had to play some oldies but goodies of my own that I always play at shows. The house was packed with friends old and new. There was a also a small group of Italians that were visting from Los Angeles that I'd met briefly back home through my Cicilian roommate,who also had moved to Europe and was visting as well. So it was truly a proper send off. 

On the bus some where near
home in
Monte Mario.

Ciao, Arrivederci Beautiful Roma